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Christabel's Fanfics

//And The Angels Had Guitars Even Before They Had Wings//

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This is the fanfic journal that goes with my account rocks_not_dead (previously xchristabelx). I thought it would be better to have a seperate place to post my fics.

All stories in this journal have been written by me, so no stealing them and/or claiming them as yours.
If you'd like to archive one of my stories somewhere, feel free to drop me a comment.

The communities I mod:

2x5obsessions Claim characters from two fandoms and write five fics each.
10_hurt_comfort Claim characters from one fandom and write ten hurt/comfort fics
7musicalmusesv2 Claim characters from one fandom and write seven songfics
potc_love A weekly Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic and fan art challenge
ff_love A weekly Final Fantasy fanfic and fan art challenge

The site Stuck in Time is a fanfiction archive dedicated to second person point of view Harry Potter fanfiction run by my good friend _storm_chaser_. If you're interested, we'd all be very happy if you'd check it out and join.